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The Jesuits

We are the Society of Jesus, a Roman Catholic order of priests and brothers founded half a millennium ago by the courtier-turned-mystic Ignatius Loyola. With more than 16,000 priests and brothers worldwide, we are the largest male religious order in the Catholic Church. We are pastors, teachers, and chaplains. We are also doctors, lawyers, and astronomers, among many other roles in Church and society. 

We refer to ourselves as the Jesuits of the USA Central and Southern Province, one group within the Society of Jesus in the United States and one part of the worldwide body of Jesuits.

Jesuits draw on the rich tradition of Ignatian spirituality and reflection. In our retreat houses, parishes, campus ministries, and other settings, we offer these resources to all who want to discern God’s presence in their lives. At the same time, we also aim to be “contemplatives in action,” people who bring this spirituality into the wide world. That includes our work on behalf of global justice, peace, and dialogue. 

In our varied ministries, we care for the whole person: body, mind, and soul. And especially in our education ministries, we seek to nurture "men and women for others."

As members of a religious order, Jesuits take three vows—of poverty, chastity, and obedience—and a fourth vow of obedience specifically to the Pope. The latter oath is reflective of our broader dedication to the universal Church, and to the greater good of all people from all faiths and cultures. 

In the vision of our founder, we seek to "find God in all things." We dedicate ourselves to the “greater glory of God" and the good of all humanity. And we do so gratefully in collaboration with others who share our values, including laypersons. They have become part of the “we,” the extended Jesuit family.

Our collaboration with the laity flows from our personal relationships with Christ. We see ourselves as companions of Jesus, and we invite others to join with us, as friends in the Lord. Together we build up the body of Christ. 

With our friends and partners, we also reach out to a broadly diverse world because that’s where we find God. From experience and reflection, we know that meaning, value and divine purpose can be discovered "in all things."


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Ignatian Spirituality Program

The Ignatian Spirituality Program of Denver offers Ignatian group retreats, individual spiritual direction, the Spiritual Exercises in Everyday Life, and trains spiritual directors and guides of the Spiritual Exercises.