Nationwide Jesuit History

The JARC houses collections from provinces throughout the United States: 

  • Buffalo
  • Chicago
  • Chicago-Detroit
  • Detroit
  • Missouri
  • New England
  • New Orleans (arriving May 2018)
  • New York
  • USA Central and Southern
  • USA Midwest
  • USA Northeast
  • Wisconsin

The value of having Jesuit documents and artifacts from across the country in one location cannot be overstated. For the first time ever, scholars will have access to collections without having to travel thousands of miles to conduct research. This central repository will provide significant opportunities for historical discoveries and new scholarly insights.

Point Tipi

Jesuits Missionary Nicolas Point travelled throughout the American West, painting and sketching what he saw. 


Nationwide Jesuit History
State-of-the-Art Facilities

Sacred Heart Jesuit Retreat House
For those seeking to deepen their relationship with God, Sacred Heart Retreat House in Colorado is an oasis of peace.