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Director, Ignatian Volunteer Corps: St. Louis

Job Description

The director for the Ignatian Volunteer Corps: St. Louis oversees a service and adult faith formation program for women and men over 50 who commit to two days a week of service with an IVC partner agency. This is a full-time position.

The director coordinates and fosters faith formation for Ignatian Volunteers in Ignatian spirituality, recruits and screens partner agencies and potential members, and assists in carrying out the mission of the Society of Jesus. The successful candidate will be a practicing Catholic with at least a bachelor’s degree and preferably a master's.

 The successful candidate will also be able to demonstrate

  • competence in office administration and personnel management;
  • experience in service with vulnerable populations;
  • ability to collaborate well with others, and to work independently;
  • knowledge of the Jesuit mission, and a desire to grow personally in Ignatian spirituality;
  • computer proficiency, particularly in Microsoft Word and Outlook or other email programs, and webpages. 

Facilitate Program for Ignatian Volunteers

  A. Provide cura personalis for Ignatian Volunteers 

     a.  Match new members with partner agency and spiritual reflector and facilitate changes from year to year as needed.

     b.  Be attentive to the pastoral needs of each member and for the IVC community as a whole

     c.  Conduct semi-annual evaluations of volunteers, agencies, and spiritual reflectors

  B. Recruit New Members

     a.  Develop promotional materials including quarterly e-newsletter, press releases, communication with Jesuit alumni publications, retreat houses, etc. 

     b.  Respond to inquiries, host information gatherings, etc. Occasionally evaluate promotional efforts and innovate for greater effectiveness. 

  C. Screen Applicants

     a.  Process applications, conduct background checks, and appropriately vet candidates for membership. Maintain records. 

  D. Match Ignatian Volunteers and Partner Agencies

     a.  Guide new members through discernment process of choosing a service placement. 

     b.  Facilitate orientation and mentoring of first year members 

  E. Plan and lead monthly member gatherings

     a.  Host monthly member gatherings, set the environmental aesthetic; prepare discussion material, facilitate group discussion , plan and facilitate prayer; plan liturgy (recruit and arrange for celebrants); 

     b.  With volunteers’ assistance prepare the hospitality and food for morning and lunch

  F. Plan and facilitate logistics for June end-of-year retreat

     a.  Identify and invite retreat leader

     b.  Liaise with White House Retreat Center

  G. Maintain records (electronically and paper) in regards to all of the above (and below). 

Relate to Partner Agencies

  A. Recruit and Screen New Agencies

     a.  Increase and enhance the possibilities for placement by building new partnerships with social service agencies whose mission is consonant with the mission of the Society of Jesus and the Ignatian Volunteer Corps. 

     b.  Maintain files on agencies and current contact information.

  B. Maintain Relationships with Agencies

     a.  Issue Memoranda of Understanding to partner agency when a placement is made

     b.  Collect certificates of insurance from partner agencies and other paperwork required by the province

     c.  Invoice and collect partnership fees

     d.  Make site visits for active partner agencies once a year 

    e. Conduct evaluations and ensure current partners continue to serve as a good match for the program. 

Relate to Spiritual Reflectors (SR)

  A. Match spiritual reflectors with members

  B. Recruit spiritual reflectors who have experience in Ignatian spirituality

  C. Offer opportunities for spiritual reflectors to gather, pray and grow in Ignatian Spirituality, and to stay connected with the province

  D. Issue evaluations to spiritual reflectors near end of year

Relate to Advisory Council

  A. Prepare for Regional Advisory Council (quarterly) meetings: in consultation with Council Chair prepare and send out agenda and preparatory material; coordinate logistics for meeting

  B. Facilitate the evolution of the Council to undertake strategic planning and to systematically cooperate in the growth of the program. 

  C. Assist with other communications or advancement projects as able and directed by the province.

Relate to and Represent Society of Jesus

  A. Assist in the advancement of the mission of the Society of Jesus by collaborating with local Jesuit works and the Archdiocese. Participate in regional committees and networks as directed and approved by the province. 

  B. Present mission of the Society of Jesus through IVC newsletters, website, and various media. Work out communications strategies, event planning, and publicity in dialogue with the Advisory Council and with the approval of the province. Regularly evaluate recruiting and public relations endeavors with Advisory Board. 

  C. Represent IVC: St. Louis as primary liaison to IVC National; attend national Regional Director meetings, monthly conference calls, etc. 

Full benefits, and salary commensurate with experience.

Send resume, cover letter and references (name, title, relationship to applicant, phone and email) electronically to mbaudouin@jesuits.org

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