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The Spiritual Exercises began as notes that St. Ignatius kept as he talked to men and women about their experience in prayer and their struggles to make good decisions based on that prayer. Over the centuries, Jesuits have published an incredible variety of books, guides and pamphlets to help people learn how to pray in an Ignatian manner. Today the web and app stores offer a new approach to this great spiritual tradition of aids to prayer. 

Here are some sites in English that you might find interesting and helpful. The first three resources offer different approaches to daily prayer, from the pioneering site, Sacred Space, to the first Jesuit prayer offering in the iTunes store, Jesuit Prayer.

The next three sites offer resources for learning more about Ignatian spirituality. Loyola Press has both a general site for people new to Ignatian spirituality and a new area designed to help those who offer the Spiritual Exercises to others. Creighton University's site is another pioneer that offers an incredible range of resources.

Jesuit Prayer

Daily prayer is essential for nourishing our relationship with Christ. We become ever more mindful of God's presence in all facets of our lives. Daily Scripture, reflection, and prayer fortifies us in God's faithfulness as we respond to his invitation to move through your day in a spirit of service to others. JesuitPrayer.org offers a prayer experience every day of the week, with reflections rooted in Ignatian spirituality. It is also available as an app in iTunes.

Pray As You Go

The British Jesuits developed this audio podcast of a daily meditation based on the readings of the day with music and a brief reflection. It is designed to be used as people travel to and from work every day as well as at home. The site also offers a guided Examen prayer as well as Stations of the Cross.

Sacred Space

One of the first online sources of Ignatian prayer, Sacred Space is now available in 19 languages. It offers a simple, step-by-step format that many people find very conducive to learning how to pray.


Ignatian spirituality is a way to pray, an approach to making decisions, a point of view about God, and a practical guide to everyday life. Loyola Press in Chicago developed IgnatianSpirituality.com as a way of seeing God actively involved in the world and intimately involved with us in every moment and place.

SPEX.Ignatian Spirituality

spex.ignatianspirituality.com is a digitally enhanced experience of The Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius Loyola intended for spiritual directors, practitioners, extenders, and promoters of Ignatian spirituality. This resource is designed to support those who lead others in the Exercises, whether as a 30-day retreat, a 19th annotation retreat, or some other variation.

Creighton University Online Ministry

A core community of Jesuits and colleagues at Creighton University have developed an extraordinarily rich resource of Ignatian spirituality that offers an online retreat, an audio retreat, daily prayer reflections and a weekly prayer guide.

The Jesuit Post

The Jesuit Post is a project of Jesuits in formation. Nearly all of the contributors are not-yet-ordained Jesuits studying theology or philosophy, or working in our Jesuit ministries. They aim to show that faith is relevant to today’s culture and that God is already at work in it.


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