What I Love About My Jesuit Vocation
What I Love About My Jesuit Vocation

By Fr. Philip Sutherland, SJ

As a recently ordained priest, I love being able to minister to people through the sacraments. Whether it's presiding at Mass, anointing or hearing confessions, these are all powerful and intimate moments of God's grace entering into our lives. Every time I preside, I feel a sense of awe at what is happening in the Eucharist. Every time I hear a confession, I am overwhelmed by the mercy of God in our lives.

I have found that being a priest also has made me holier, because I want to live up to the expectations that this new identity places upon me. These are both expectations from God, but also expectations from the Church and the people of God. I symbolize in a special way Christ the high priest who is present in the sacraments in and in his church. As St. Paul says, "We are stewards of the mysteries of God" (1 Cor. 4:1), and my Jesuit priesthood has invited me ever deeper into that mystery.


Jesuit Spirituality Center
Situated on 900 acres of farmland, the Jesuit Spirituality Center at Grand Coteau provides a quiet environment for those seeking God through the Spiritual Exercises.