Jesuits Worldwide

"In this global context, it is important to highlight the extraordinary potential we possess as an international and multicultural body." GC35
Our universal vocation

As the largest male religious order of the Catholic Church, the Society of Jesus is present in virtually every country in the world, currently organized in roughly 100 Provinces and Regions. In addition to being present to most local churches and cultures, the Society is an international body, and has always sought ways to strengthen our ministries via international collaboration.

One form of that collaboration is the close relationship between two Provinces that we call twinning. The Central and Southern Province is twinned with the Central American Province. Practically, this means that the two provinces share manpower and resources where that is possible. Jesuit novices from Central and Southern Province study Spanish in Nicaragua, and some young Jesuits from Central America have worked in schools in the Central and Southern Province.

In addition, in our day the Society has created structures called Conferences which bring together Provinces in major geographical areas so that they might work together more effectively, both within Conferences and among Conferences. Finally, the General Curia in Rome, guided by our Superior General, Most Reverend Adolfo Nicolás, S.J., coordinates the worldwide work of the Society.

In the same way that the United States Assistancy is made up of individual American provinces, other assistancies organize groups of provinces to collaborate within regions of the world.

For more information about the provinces and Assistancies throughout the world, please visit the Jesuit Curia, the global headquarters of the Society of Jesus, located in Rome.


Montserrat Jesuit Retreat House
Located on the shores of Lake Lewisville in Lake Dallas, Texas, Montserrat Jesuit Retreat House is situated on an inviting 37-acre campus less than an hour north of Dallas.