2017 Jubilarian Reflections
Fr. Rodney Kissinger, SJ

Sacred and secular is a false dichotomy! Every thing is sacred.
Fr. Rodney Kissinger's Jubilee Reflection

In 1955 I made my tertianship at Xavier hall in Pass Christian. It was just a short distance from the beach so each afternoon I would walk along the beach. I was always amazed at the variety of flotsam and jetsam that had been washed up along the shore during the night. Here are some of the flotsam and jetsam that have washed upon the shores of my life of 102 years.

“I think therefore I am. I am, therefore God is. I am the greatest proof for the existence of God. I experience God before I have a concept of God.”

“Belief in God is an instinct, natural as breathing.” ~ St. John Chrysostom

“There are two, and only two, luminously self-evident beings, myself and my Creator.” ~ Blessed John Cardinal Newman

Sacred and secular is a false dichotomy! Every thing is sacred.

Life is a journey of faith. Our Lord has not only gone on before us to show us the way. He also goes along in us as our guide and companion. More flotsam and jetsam can be found on my website.

Golden Jubilarians

Br. Lawrence Lundin, SJ Fr. Christopher Viscardi, SJ Fr. Eugene Renard, SJ Fr. Frank Schmitt, SJ Fr. J. Daniel Daly, SJ Fr. J. Timothy Thompson, SJ Fr. James Bradley, SJ Fr. Jerome Neyrey, SJ Fr. John Zupez, SJ Fr. JohnPayne, SJ Fr. Joseph Tetlow, SJ Fr. Michael Sheeran, SJ Fr. Michael Smith, SJ Fr. Nicholas Schiro, SJ Fr. Norman O'Neal, SJ Fr. Robert O'Toole, SJ Fr. Robert Sullivan, SJ Fr. Rodney Kissinger, SJ
Fr. Ronald Gonzales, SJ Fr. Thomas Madden, SJ

Manresa House of Retreats
Manresa House of Retreats is located on the banks of the Mississippi River in Convent, La., midway between Baton Rouge and New Orleans.