2019 Jubilarians
Fr. Don Highberger, SJ

Thank you, God for always walking with us on the journey of life.
Fr. Don Highberger, SJ

50 Years a Jesuit

Fifty years ago, as I walked up the steps of the novitiate, our novice master ran past me and hugged my mother. I soon found out that she had stayed with his family during WWII and that they knew each other well. From that point, I knew that God had a sense of humor, and that He had many surprises for me in this journey of life.

For a half century, God has, and continues, to surprise with His blessings and grace. If I have listened and been perceptive, He has always been there to guide me. And if I wander off His path He has patiently continued to call me from my self-centered delusions. The biggest obstacle in my wanderings of God’s way has been and is myself.

So, I want to thank God for loving me so unconditionally. He has given me a family, companion Jesuits, friends and co-workers whom He has used to voice His love and care in times I needed to hear his voice. For the times that I did not listen, I hope at least God and his blessed people may have had a good laugh at my foolishness. I have learned to laugh at my own folly.

I close with what a wise Yupik Eskimo lady once told me. “You talk too much.”


Thank you, God for always walking with us on the journey of life.

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