2019 Jubilarians
Fr. John Hunthausen, SJ

Seeing God working in and through others has been an amazing gift.
Fr. John Hunthausen, SJ

60 Years a Jesuit

One way to sum up the past 60 years as a Jesuit is to say that God is the God of Surprises. When I entered the novitiate on February 8, 1959, I had no idea where this pilgrimage would lead me. A number of outstanding Jesuit companions fostered my vocation and many lay colleagues have been sources of inspiration on this road. My main ministries have been teaching, administration and spiritual direction. 

Through all these years I have received more blessings than I have channeled to others. Seeing God working in and through others has been an amazing gift. Now that I am pretty much retired, my union in Christ and His church still reaches out even to others whom I will never meet personally in this life.

I have a profound sense of gratitude for being called to the Society of Jesus and for being a witness to God’s love, mercy and fidelity in my own life and in the lives of others. The bottom line, a term you’d expect from an old accountant, is the words of Psalm 105: “The Lord remembers His covenant forever.”

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Jesuit Spirituality Center
Situated on 900 acres of farmland, the Jesuit Spirituality Center at Grand Coteau provides a quiet environment for those seeking God through the Spiritual Exercises.