2019 Jubilarians
Fr. Norman O'Neal, SJ

Fr. Norman O'Neal, SJ

60 Years in the Priesthood

Not too long after taking my vows in the Novitiate to become a Jesuit, I was talking to another Jesuit who had taken his vows at the same time. He told me how wonderful he felt the day he had done so, and he asked me how I had felt. I said that I did not feel any different. He was surprised and wondered why I did not feel as he did. I said when I took my vows I did so because I thought that is what God wanted me to do and that is what I did. It did not make me feel as if I had done something great. Being ordained as a priest was somewhat the same. I spent my whole priestly life teaching and being alumni chaplain at Jesuit High School in New Orleans. It has been a wonderful life and besides the work, I have met and become great friends with countless people. I thank God for the life He has given me, for the great memories and the wonderful friends. 

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