Celebrating Jubilees

Each year, the Society of Jesus marks the milestone anniversaries of our members with Jubilee celebrations. This year, the USA Central and Southern Province has 50 members celebrating 25, 50, 60, 70 or 75 years from entrance or ordination.

In the sidebar to the right, you will find the photos of the eight men celebrating 50 years as a Jesuit. Click on an image to read a brief profile of each man. 

We give thanks for the faithful service of each of our Jubilarians. Please join us in praying for these Jesuits. (If their name is highlighted, it functions as a link to a reflection that man wrote.)  

75 Years in the Society


Fr. John J. Stochl, SJ

Fr. Robert R. DeRouen, SJ

70 Years in the Society

 Fr. Donald G. Bahlinger, SJ  Fr. Paul V. Osterle, SJ
 Fr. Garth L. Hallett, SJ  Fr. Paul B. Steinmetz, SJ
 Fr. John F. Talbot McCann, SJ  Fr. Charles B. Thibodeaux, SJ
 Fr. Richard W. McGowan, SJ  

60 Years in the Society

Fr. John A. Apel, SJ Fr. Thomas W. Cummings, SJ
Fr. James H. Baker, SJ Fr. Mark D. McKenzie, SJ
Br. Ferrell J. Blank, SJ Fr. Philip S. Postell, SJ
Fr. Richard J. Comboy, SJ

60 Years in the Priesthood

Fr. Robert E. Bosken, SJ Fr. Leo F. Weber, SJ

50 Years in the Society

Fr. Michael D. Barber, SJ Br. John E. Puza, SJ
Fr. E. Edward Kinerk, SJ Fr. Walter T. Sidney, SJ
Fr. Richard D. Perl, SJ Fr. Philip G. Steele, SJ
Fr. Robert L. Poirier, SJ Fr, Brian W. Van Hove, SJ

50 Years in the Priesthood

Fr. E. Eugene Arthur, SJ
Fr. Peter Bayhi, SJ Fr. Jorge R. Ambert Rivera, SJ
Fr. James Joseph Costello, SJ Fr. Edmundo Rodriguez, SJ
Most Rev. Luis Del Castillo, SJ Fr. Fabián Rodríguez Rodríguez, SJ
Fr. Michael H. Durso, SJ Fr. William J. Snyders, SJ
Fr. William J. Hutchison, SJ

25 Years in the Society

Fr. Michael A. Bouzigard, SJ Fr. William P. O'Brien, SJ
Fr. David A. Brown, SJ Fr. Mario A. Torres Rivera, SJ
Fr. James A. Marshall, SJ

25 Years in the Priresthood

Fr. Michael E. Chesney, SJ Fr. Baudilio Guzmán Mercado, SJ
Fr. Raymond R. Fitzgerald, SJ Fr. James M. O'Leary, SJ
Fr. Mark A. Lewis, SJ Fr. David H. Romero, SJ 


Jesuit Spirituality Center
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