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Since its very beginning, the Society of Jesus has recognized the importance of recordkeeping and has long maintained archives to chronicle their history and assist in governance. The new Jesuit Archives & Research Center (JARC), which opened in St. Louis on April 25, 2018, will serve as a central repository for hundreds of thousands of documents, letters, photographs and objects, which combine to tell the story of the Society of Jesus in the United States.

Come inside the new Jesuit Archives & Research Center, home to the treasured memory of 12 past and current administrative provinces of the Society of Jesus in the United States.

The new archive brings together in one place the collections of Jesuit provinces from around the country. This building is an exciting and bold initiative to create a new central repository for the collective knowledge, shared wisdom and unique beauty of the archival materials that tell not only a Jesuit story, but also the story of Catholic life in America. The history of faith and the stories of individuals and communities who demonstrated their belief in the cross of Jesus, is a living legacy told through the collection.

The Jesuits Made History. | You Can Help Preserve It.

The Jesuit Archives and Research Center is a visionary opportunity to preserve the history of the Jesuits in the United States. Jesuit leaders and donors from around the nation have made an enduring and faithful commitment to this project.

Books from the Archives' Collections

A capital campaign is going on now to fund the construction of the Jesuit Archives & Research Center (JARC). We invite all friends of the Jesuits to consider supporting this important project. From the days of St. Ignatius begging in the streets of Paris, Jesuits have always relied on the generosity of the people who support our mission. 

Our donors make possible our important works of education, scholarship, prayer, sacrament and service. 

Your help will allow the Society of Jesus to preserve, catalogue and share its historical resources with patrons from around the world.

To learn more about the Jesuit Archives & Research Center, email or call 800-325-9924.

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More Than History

The new archive is so much more than a storage vault. It will be a research center, a meeting space and an educational facility, with exhibition areas for the public. It will play an essential role in encouraging ongoing scholarship and education and will help meet the challenge of housing and administering the vast collection.


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